On September 30, 2017 it was announced that Raffensperger, Martin, & Finkenbiner was selected asĀ The Gettysburg TimesĀ 2017 Pick of the Counties Top Accountant. It is the sixth straight year Raffensperger, Martin & Finkenbiner has been the reader's selection.

Always a pleasure working with your firm and Charlie over the past 20+ years. I truly appreciate the fact that you handle my payroll services and monitor changes to tax laws and keep me apprised of deadlines to avoid penalties, thus permitting me to focus my energy on my business. Thanks for everything!


Bill Wills, Gettysburg Eddie's

Raffensperger, Martin & Finkenbiner is, in my opinion, certainly the best accounting firm in central PA!

They are efficient and attentive to my needs as a business owner. Whether it is a question about my yearly tax forms or a daily accounting question, they are prompt to reply. I would highly recommend them!

Anne Gallon, President, Gallon Historical Art

We moved our accounting to Raffensperger, Martin and Finkenbiner, LLC approximately two years ago. Rich Finkenbiner is our principal contact and works with us on our various business entities and personal accounting issues. He is knowledgeable, astute, proactive and most importantly to us, accessible. On the infrequent occasion when he is not in the office, his partners Ryan Raffensperger and John Martin have stepped in and provided the same level of service and guidance we receive from Rich. The office staff is professional, friendly and responsive. This firm provides all the professional services you would expect from a "big city" firm, but with the care and attention you expect from the "local guys".

George Lomas & Susan Saum-Wicklein,